The Untold story of SUN Temple(Konark)

Dharmapada: the son of a great temple architect

Dharmapada grew up in a small village in Odisha in the 12th century. Right from his childhood he was interested in architecture and crafts and being the son of a great temple architect, Bisu Maharana, he had access to the manuscripts describing details of temple construction. By the time he turned 12, he had mastered the art of Odiya temple architecture

But he was always sad as he had never seen his illustrious father and his mother would not tell him much about him. On his 12th birthday, he asked his mother a gift, the chance to meet his father, which she could not refuse anymore.

 Dharmapada decided to meet his father,

Meeting Father After 12 Years:

After a long journey with his pet dog and some tasty fruits from his backyard the tired Dharmapada finally  reached at a deserted beach where the sight of a magnificent structure caught his attention. He knew immediately, this is the place where his father is building the biggest temple of the land dedicated to the Sun God.

He rushed to the construction site and it did not take him long to spot his father. Behind the hugs and kisses Dharmapada could see something was troubling his father.—-

The temple was the biggest ever built by the famed craftsman of Odisha. 12 Hundreds of the best from the land had labored for 12 long years to build the sun temple.

king Narshinghdev Warns to Behead 1200 craftsman

It was the pinnacle of craftsmanship, architecture and details ever put together. But the temple was not complete yet. The final key stone or the ‘Kalasha’ was yet to be placed on the temple.

And these craftsman had failed multiple times and no body knew how to top the Kalasha.

The king, Narshinghdev, had announced the deadline till the morning,If we fail to do it within a resonable time, the king will detach our heads from our body’ said Bisu Maharana.

Dharmapada:Installed Kalasa

Dharmapada asked his father to take him around the temple and show him the construction. As he reached the top of the temple, he remembered the manuscripts he had read about the temple construction. He knew he had the solution. He knew the design of the stone that would fit as the key stone and would hold the temple together. As he explained the design to his father, Bisu was pleasantly surprised. He was so proud to have a son as talented as Dharmapada.

The father and the son, immediately went in to the workshop and in couple of hours the ‘Kalasha’ was ready to be installed. As they rolled the stone on the sand slopes to the top of the temple, the moon was shining in its full glory. By mid night the key stone was in place and the temple was complete.

Bisu was happy for his son who had managed to save thousands of lives.

Dharmapada jumped from temple-top to the deep Sea

As the euphoria of success subsided, Dharmapada heard a whisper among the people gathered around to see the completion of the temple. People feared the king would not be too kind to the failed craftsman as the Kalasha was completed by a 12 year kid and not by the craftsman themselves. They asked Bishu Maharana, “BARASAHA BADHEI RA DAYA NA PUA RA DAYA”

Dharmapada never wanted glory, name or fame for his achievements. He was happy he could save so may live by completing the temple for the God. He slowly made his way through the crowd to the top of the temple. In no time he was standing on the top of the Kalasha he had just erected . He looked at the horizon as the first rays of the sun started touching the temple, as if the Sun God was showering his blessings. With tears in his eyes, Dharmapada jumped off the temple-top into the deep blue waters of the sea.



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