What is my Personal view on the Division of Odisha and its outcomes:

Recently we have seen the arousal of demanding a separate state called Koshal due to some improper personal comments by our so-called Cine-producer association..I never mind whatever is because this is moreover personal.

The personal comments have been exaggerated, dramatized, and politicized which leads to abuse, and insulting between these 2 parts of Odisha people.

As I have a deep connection with both parts of Odisha I just want to share my views on this.

Before briefing any point I just want to remind you of the dark consequence of the Ind-Pak partition, the partition between East & West Pakistan. Moreover, if you study carefully the partition between the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, Telengana and Andra Pradesh I can always see its political benefits rather than any personal or cultural benefit.

Western Odisha has been in the pocket of a few political families:

Western Odisha has been in the pocket of a few political families for decades like the Acharya family, SingDeo family, Mishra family, etc. With the separation of Koshal from Odisha, there is no guarantee that the new govt will succeed quickly in every sector. But for sure there would be two political powers instead of one, which means more corruption and more burden on the center to establish governing institutes.

And slowly after establishing a new state the focus on art, culture, tradition, and language will fade up and the politicians will start filling their pockets.

I will guarantee none of the common people will benefit from this partition rather than politicians.

Instead of dividing Odisha if we could change our local leaders and put pressure on them to work efficiently and effectively on the development of western Odisha will become a good option in my view.

Is it possible to do so? For the last few decades, we have been trying to unite our root Sanatan dharma but still, we are failing in many places.

Christian missionaries openly convert our people, and Lakhs of Hindu girls are trapped every year in Love Jihad, Land Jihad, open conversion, and job jihad are at peak now.

Our education institutes gurukuls had been closed and imposed Christian education on us by Macaulay, we never ever complained about this.

Did any of us question our parents on why we decorate a factual plant every 25th December? Has anyone asked why we are putting a Santa cap on every 25th Dec?

How you are feeling on the ban of crackers on Diwali? Did anyone raise their voice?

I feel sorry when Andra Pradesh claims that Kotia and other areas of Koraput are its parts, I feel sad when China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its parts, POK being part of Pakistan, I feel sad when terrorists like Serjil Imam openly uttered to cut Northeast states from India, people like Mehabooba claims to restore article 370.

It’s a time to be aware and arise and to identify the culprits who want a divide and rule Policy.

Lastly, I just want to throw some light on the geographical information about Odisha.

Geographical information Of Odisha:

Before independence Odisha which was considered as Kalinga or Utkal was a part of Bengal province. The undivided Bengal province was huge. It included states like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Assam. In 1904 -1905 Lord Curzon divided Bengal as it was too big to control. They formulated the divide-and-rule policy to control it.

Later on 1 April 1936 a new state was born in the name of Orissa.

The newly formed Orissa consists of six districts and has the capital as Cuttack. Out of these 6 districts Sambalpur is one.

So from starting onward, it’s an integral part of Odisha.

In India, language and culture change every 100-200 km If we keep forming a state based on this language and cultural change then we will end up with uncountable fragmented parts.

At the end, we will see more consequences like the Sambalpur Hanuman Jayanti incident.

When Islamists attacked the Hanuman Jayanti rally, the attacks targeted Hindu workers.

The attackers don’t bother where you are from. And who are u?

They attack you because your root is one and you are Hindu.

Such incidents are common nowadays in every part of Bharat.

So don’t keep yourself fragmented by saying Cuttakia, Sambalpuria, or Berhampuria. and don’t let others take advantage of this.

End Note:

No one is against our cultural and personal development, We are worried about a fragmented Hindu Society and just don’t want to lose you.

The things that could be sought out with discussion shouldn’t go for Division.

We Will connect more to roots rather than branches.

Jai Shree Ram.



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