It was a sleepless night for Sister Nirmala as the Next day the Result of his brother is to be announced. Several questions in her mind, a lot of Probabilities in mind.
Getting up looking at his father’s wounded legs,worned and Torn shirts the eyes are filled with tears, yes that day she had not slept properly.
The next day the result was announced-In 2006, one of the most emotional and proudest moments  came in there life  when 23-year-old Govind ranked
#48 among 474 successful candidates in the Civil Services Exam.
Unlike most of the toppers, it was his very first attempt.

In an interview to a TV channel, his sister Nirmala said-

“My father had hardest time sending me money; he was exhausted and could  not go beyond this year. It was becoming tough pulling rickshaw with  his wounded legs.”

Govind was also earning Rs. 1,500 from tuitions, which  is still less for living in a city like Delhi. I don’t know what would  have happened if he’d not have made it this year.From 10 days before  the results were to be announced, my father and i could not sleep a wink” The Eyes are filled with tears stating this to the reporter.

The Struggle Period:

Hailing from a middle-class family, Govind was the youngest of his three sisters. He lived with his family lived in a 12×8 ft rented room, where his father was the only earning member.
Govind’s father was a rickshaw-puller and  work hard to support his Family.

Govind  Born on 8 August, 1983 in the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Govind had only one dream throughout his entire life and that was to become an officer of the Indian Administrative Services.

Once an 11-year-old boy, the son of an illiterate rickshaw  puller, went to play at his considerably rich and respected friend’s  house. Minutes later, he was insulted, disgraced and literally thrown  out. The educated man yelled at him, “How dare you come here and mix  with my son; don’t you know who you are and where you belong?”  Vindictive taunts and phrases like ‘However much you study, you will  still be a rickshaw-puller’ son, ‘What is your worth? You can only take  your father’s business a bit further’, ‘Your father’s one rickshaw can  become two or three tomorrow with your initiation’ were very common in his life to stumble upon on a daily basis.

work hard in silence let success make the noise:

These ‘TAUNTS and INSULTS’ steeled Govind Jaiswal’s determination  and initiated a dream journey for him to become an IAS officer.

Several diversion came into his life during his journey,He worked in a Shoe shop,did tutation for  his accomodation,Her sister worked in other homes  to support him,His Mother passes away due to some brain hemorrhage,etc.

But none of these hurdles able to divert him from his Path.

Today, Govind Jaiswal is a respected IAS officer whose success story inspires and motivates thousands of youths across India.

Lessons to learn from UPSC Topper Govind Jaiswal’s story:

  1. Never take insults and disrespect to heart. Use them as stepping stones to alter your own life.
  2. Work hard with single-minded devotion. It pays.
  3. Don’t use excuses like a distraction, family circumstances, etc. to not work towards your goal. If one man can do it, so can ten others.



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